1, First, make sure that you are logged in.

2, Second, view the item you like. If you want to place an order, Click on the product you like and select the product details (basically color & size) and quantity. Then tap “ADD TO CART” bottom to add the item to your cart.

3, After adding the item to the cart you will be notified. You can also view other items or continue viewing the cart page.

4, Select the item you want to purchase in the cart page, then tap CHECKOUT to place the order. Don’t forget to confirm the shipping address and contact information.

5,  After tapping CHECKOUT , Select the Payment Method you prefer. Alternatively, you can pay with bitcoin if you are outside ghana but we RECOMMEND Mobile Money Payment Using Mazzuma

6, When you see this page, it means you have successfully placed your order! We will notify you when we verify the payment